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1Bud Vase Bud Vase
Decorating & Accessories
$95.00Beth $76.00
2Lemon Box Lemon Box $155.00Beth $124.00
3Lemon on Leaf Lemon on Leaf $85.00Beth $68.00
4Openwork Basket-Printemps Openwork Basket-Printemps $70.00Beth $56.00
5Orange on Leaf Orange on Leaf $145.00Beth $116.00
6Rabbit on Leaf-Blue Rabbit on Leaf-Blue $65.00Beth $52.00
7Rabbit on Leaf-Pink Rabbit on Leaf-Pink $65.00Beth $52.00
8Rose on Leaf-Blue Rose on Leaf-Blue $50.00Beth $40.00
9Rose on Leaf-Lavender Rose on Leaf-Lavender $50.00Beth $40.00
10Rose on Leaf-Rust Rose on Leaf-Rust $50.00Beth $40.00
11Rose on Leaf-White Rose on Leaf-White $50.00Beth $40.00
12Rose on Leaf-Yellow Rose on Leaf-Yellow $50.00Beth $40.00
13Scalloped Bud Vase-Queen Victoria Scalloped Bud Vase-Queen Victoria
Decorating & Accessories
$70.00Beth $56.00
14Vase Vase
Decorating & Accessories
$175.00Beth $140.00
15Vase with Relief Vase with Relief
Decorating & Accessories
$175.00Beth $140.00
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Beth return customer from Highland Park

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Herend holds a rich history spanning many years, crossing many oceans and charming generation after generation to enjoy worldwide acclaim as the pinnacle in supreme porcelain, also known as “white gold.” Now the biggest porcelain manufactory in Eu...
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figurines, fine china, dinnerware